Big Camp Multimedia

Our focus is on fast-turnaround software development/prototyping, often mixed in with embedded software and electronics design. This combination enables us to create a complete system within a very short development time.

Technology, and software in particular, is in many cases overcomplicated and often turns out to be hampering for fast-turnaround projects. Our philosophy is to keep things simple, and go for unconventional approaches if it improves the result.

Big Camp Multimedia has been around since 1999, back then developing interactive websites and multimedia productions. From there on it quickly evolved into a development studio for innovative protoypes, applications and systems in various fields, ranging from medical applications to consumer products, gadgets, and games.

About me

My roots are in computer science, with a broad interest in everything related to science and technology. Up to today I love combining hands-on work with a creative strategy. For me, a successful project is one that excites people and triggers their imagination.

Since starting my company 18 years ago, I have worked on many interesting projects that stimulated new and creative approaches to solving technical problems. Special thanks go out to all of the people I work and have worked with, for keeping me occupied and excited about what we achieved together. Working life has been busy, sometimes stressful meeting tight deadlines, but overall a lot of fun!

Henk van der Weij